Drill stand for carpentry GD 460 A

Drill stand for carpentry GD 460 A

Drill stand for carpentry GD 460 A

Drill stand for carpentry GD 460 A
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Drill stand for carpentry GD 460 A

for powerful drills; easy movement thanks to precise guide rods and bronze slide bearing in the guide block; positive stability due to the square base plate with precision-milled supporting surface; swivel-mounted; Centering plate for drill bits Ø 8 to 26 mm; 2 x depth stop; 2 x parallel side fence; Adapter ring Ø 57 mm / 43 mm.

Main applications

  • Used in wooden structures for precise bore holes with auger bits
  • Use of auger bits up to max. 460 mm
  • Maximum drilling depth of 310 mm
  • Variable swiveling up to 45° with tilt center point exactly on the surface of the work material
  • Excellent guidance and safe operation through the auxiliary handle located on the carriage, optionally fixed in any of 3 positions
  • Precise guidance of drill/borer/auger bits through the centering plate bushings; easily adjustable for various drill/borer/auger bit diameters
  • Precise adjustment of the drill depth due to the dual lockable depth gauges
  • Able to fit any drilling machines with 57 mm or 43 mm #d# collar attachment using the adapter ring included as a standard accessory


Technical data

Weight 3.7 kg
Max. drill depth 310.00 mm
Max. drill bit length 460.00 mm


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