Depth stop DC UNI FF

Depth stop DC UNI FF

Depth stop DC UNI FF

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Depth stop DC UNI FF
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Depth stop DC UNI FF

for DRC 18/4, PDC 18/4, DR 18/4 E, PD 20/4 E, DRP 16 ET, DRP 18-4 DEC, PDP 20-4 DEC and all C+T drivers; stop sleeves Ø 17 mm + 23 mm; PH 2 bit; socket wrench, size 8 holder FastFix.

  • FastFix attachment with integrated claw coupling for precise adherence to set screwing depth
  • For applications that require a controlled screwing depth
  • Thanks to the exchangeable stop sleeves, the depth stop can be used with socket wrenches for hexagon screws with seal ring
  • Impression-free thanks to rubber ring, in particular on façades


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Holder FastFix


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